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EaziVal makes thermal validation a trouble-free and easily repeatable process from start to finish. EaziVal provides traceable validation of hospital sterilisers and washer-disinfectors to HTM010 and HTM030. Written specifically to work with Anville 425/415/435/500 high accuracy temperature data-loggers, EaziVal embodies many years of thermal validation practical experience and best working practise.

Anville's thermal validation systems can be used, wherever it is necessary to maintain a formal record, to prove that correct temperatures and pressure have been achieved during critical process. Anville appreciate that equipment testing and validation are undertaken by busy engineering staff and have concentrated on making EaziVal easy to set-up and more intuitive with each successive use. Because EaziVal stores the configuration of every calibration and validation, as well as holding the details of all the sterilisation and calibration equipment, the work involved in subsequent validations is considerably reduced.
System calibration

EaziVal makes it easy to calibrate the temperature and pressure sensors by providing multi-point calibration at "high", "low" and "check-point" temperatures and pressures with scale and offset values calculated for each sensor. All calibration results are stored in tamper-proof encrypted files.


Saving and Re-loading Calibration Sets

EaziVal makes it easy to save and re-load calibration sets and it's straightforward calibration verification procedure allows one to test that an old calibration is still accurate. In order to prove the calibration it is recommended that calibration verification is carried out both before and after the test run.


Calibration Equipment

EaziVal builds a calibration equipment inventory detailing the data logger, temperature bath, temperature reference, pressure transducer and pressure calibrator. The formal calibration details for each piece of equipment include key calibration dates and calibration certificate numbers.


Calibration Reports

EaziVal generates calibration reports listing the equipment used and the actual calibration results for each channel showing the error at each of the three set-points, the set-point value and the error after calibration correction.


Test Selection

EaziVal makes it easy to choose a saved test configuration and associated calibration set to carry out a validation. A single "New test" selection on the toolbar allows selection of the type of test, the calibration set, how long the test is to run and whether it will be stopped manually or automatically on either time or low temperature.


Data Logging

The facilities available within EaziVal 's logging window make it easy to start, stop and save a data logging run. You can observe the test's progress as it builds on-screen and useful information options, available from within the window, confirm correct procedure and show critical test results as they are achieved.

Cycle information shows immediately whether all the critical sterilisation parameters for the machine under test have been satisfactorily achieved.


Validation Report Generation

The viewer in EaziVal makes it easy to build a repeatable report format for use when running weekly, quarterly and yearly tests. A click on the "Report" button, produces a tool which guides one through choices of file information, report contents and report options in order to satisfy the evidence of compliance requirements of HTM010/030. Within the viewer's annotation facilities are auto-mark to automatically insert "Start of equilibration", "Start of sterilisation" and "End of sterilisation", and manual0mark to key in a title and perhaps describe sensor locations. The viewer's powerful cursor facilities include the option to inspect the channel values for each of the thermocouples and pressure sensors as they occurred during the test, simply by following the graphic output trace with the cursor.


Test Data - Digital Listing

EaziVal provides a full data listing, at one second intervals, for each test. These data values cannot be changed.


The data list options provide a way to manage the volume of data included in a test report. EaziVal captures data "every second" at each sensor, so produce a less bulky report select data taken every 0 or 60 seconds for some stages in the cycle, say for example for position or negative pulsing and perhaps data taken every second for sterilisation, in order to show those results in fine detail. The data originally recorded whilst logging will not be affected by these choices and is always available for reference.

Full facilities are provided to insert title and helpful comments into the data listing as well as the opportunity to insert your own header, footer and organisation logos.


Report Paperwork

EaziVal makes it easy to generate all the electronic and printable supporting documentation needed to show compliance with HTM010 and HTM030. Clicking on the "Paperwork" button in the toolbar brings up a wide choice of appropriate test sheets and templates for use when carrying out weekly, quarterly or yearly tests on porous-load and bench top sterilisers.

A full set of templates are included for porous load, unwrapped instruments and washer disinfector tests. The built in paperwork offers a high level of integration with all parts of the program and reduces the work required to produce the reports necessary to show compliance with HTM010 and HTM030.


E-mail Test Results as PDF File6eazival start test

The machine database, calibration results, test results and reports are stored in tamper-proof encrypted files. EaziVal includes a built in Adobe PDF generator making it easy to e-mail test results. The recipient does not need EaziVal on their computer to be able to read the information. Every part of a set of reports created in EaziVal can be converted to PDF format.


File Management

EaziVal includes a built in file management system complete with browser. EaziVal automatically organises all the files created by the system so that all thermometric data (chart and data listing), reports, calibrations and paperwork are immediately available by selecting the appropriate machine in the database. File can be exported, if required, in CSV format to Microsoft Excel and other popular programs.


Software Validation

Software validation documentation is available for EaziVal 2, EaziVal SE and SE+. Please contact us for details.

If you would like more information, please contact us to "Get On TRAQuE"


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